Case Studies

Case Examples
Here are some examples of actual improvements made by the introduction of TSUKASA products. We hope that this information will be useful to you as you work on your plant's future improvements.

Improved direct feeding of raw materials into the dough mixer

Two models have been developed to simplify rotor washing

Aiming for zero defect rate by supplying bags to bag-opening equipment

Development of a new specification that enables you to see the inside of the sifter from the side

Disassembling and cleaning the sifter is now possible even for new employees

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Useful Worksite Knowledge
Here is some helpful advice and information based on the real circumstances of the powder-handling production site. Please use them as hints in your daily work.

Equipment design for worker safety during cleaning

Reduce Your Workload With Automation[Lifting Heavy Powder Bags]

Reduce Your Workload With Automation [Transporting Powder to the Place of Use]

Digital Technology Supporting the Five Senses

To Achieve No Powder Scattering in the Plant

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