Company Overview

Social and Environmental Activities (CSR)

Offering energy-saving, eco-conscious plants and equipment, we try to prevent global environmental pollution. In addition, our head factory targets environmental conservation through energy saving, resource saving, and reduction of waste.

From the viewpoint of global environment protection, as efforts to make effective use of renewable energy, we started power generation business "Tsukasa Mega Solar Taketoyo power plant" at Taketoyo-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture from March 2014, and also started "Tsukasa headquarters power plant" from October 2015. Total PV power generation is 2.2 mega.

In addition, as part of its environmental activities we are doing clean-up activities regularly around our company. As a contribution to the local community, to provide Tsukasa Souseikan's ground floor as a base of operations of the "Handa Boys and Girls invention club". Tsukasa's employees are also teaching children who support Japan's manufacturing future as a member of coaching staff.
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