Weighing Process

Precisely weigh large amount of main materials and small amount of additives

A process for weighing materials in stock. Weighs necessary amount in accordance with recipes before processing (mixing, kneading, melting, etc.) various materials. Furthermore, we offer equipment which divides and weighs processed (mixed, etc.) powder as a regular product or intermediate product. It can handle various patterns such as weighing small amount of secondary materials or additives which are small enough to be carried by hands, and large amount of main materials.


Weighing equipment

We can offer products optimal for your purposes, including "Divider Scale (automatic dividing and weighing equipment)" which combines functions such as dust collecting, sieving, and magnetic foreign matter removal with weighing functions, and the Hopper Model "PowScale" for a large amount weighing of main materials.

Product line-up

TSUKASA's dedication

All of TSUKASA's weighing equipment are designed for easy disassembly and cleaning. Some of the products can be washed with water. We put our dedication to our hygienic products.

Control system

Divider Scale

This is a control system for easy precise weighing with a touch panel. Synchronization with the traceability system "PowTrace" makes it possible to communicate recipes and production instructions, record weighing history, and the like.

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TSUKASA's dedication

Linking the touch panel or personal computer installed at different locations makes it possible to enter and administer data at any desired location. We make various proposals for efficient production.

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