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Awards and Records イメージ
TSUKASA has already acquired more than 100 patents.
Furthermore, we have been frequently commended for various aspects in different fields, including prizes for superior manufacturing and engineering as well as having a good management culture.

Award and Accreditation

Won the Gold Prize on the 16th Amada Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair イメージ

"Aichi Quality" symbolizes high quality of fabrication companies in Aichi Prefecture. イメージ

"Monozukuri Brand NAGOYA" for accreditation of dramatically developing companies in terms of excellent "Monozukuri (craftsmanship)" techniques and skills in the Nagoya region. イメージ

"Medium and Small Business Research Institute Prize" awarded to companies that achieve good results in management reforms or technical development. イメージ

"Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry Prize" awarded to accredited companies and other institutes that remarkably contribute to progress and development of machine industry technologies. イメージ

Selected as the "Manufacturing SMEs supporting innovation in Japan" category of 300 energetic SMEs イメージ

Acquired the international standard "ISO9001" for quality management system イメージ

Japan Patent Attorneys Association's Intellectual Property Utilization Award "Special Award". イメージ

Won the Food Industry Technology Achievement Award for Materials and Systems Division.

2022 (52nd): PowOpener Disassembly washing type
2023 (53rd): Divider Scale Hybrid Model イメージ
PowOpener Disassembly washing type イメージ
Divider Scale Hybrid Model
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