Terms and Conditions of use

Terms and Conditions of Use

Thoroughly read the following terms and conditions of use and agree to them prior to use TSUKASA INDUSTRY's web site. If you disagree to them, please refrain from using this web site. In case that you used this web site, we consider that you agreed to all clauses below.

1. Disclaimers

We pay the closest attention to the information posted on this web site. However, accuracy, usefulness, certainty, fitness for your purposes, security (no suspension of the functions, correction of defects, no existence of computer viruses or other harmful programs on this web site or the server) and other properties of the contents on this web site will never be assured. We assume no responsibilities on any disadvantages resulting from your use or nonuse of the information, or use of this web site.
Please note that the information or file names on our web site is subject to change without notice.

2. Copyright

All contents involved in this web site are copyright of TSUKASA INDUSTRY. However, copyright of certain works produced by contractors may belong to other parties except TSUKASA INDUSTRY. In this case, such works are copyright of the respective copyright owners in principle. The contents may not be used, duplicated, transmitted, distributed, transferred or translated without our approval beyond the scope of certain private purposes. All contents involved in this web site may not be used without prior notice to the copyright owners if the usage is beyond the allowable scope of the copyright laws.

3. Trademarks

The rights related to respective trademarks, logos, and business names used on this web site belong to TSUKASA INDUSTRY or corresponding right owners, and they may not be used without prior notice to the right owners.

4. Links

Links to this web site is free in principle and no announcement is required before providing a link. Basically use https://www.tsukasa-ind.co.jp/ for URL and clearly indicate that is the web site of TSUKASA INDUSTRY. We may make request to delete the link if it is determined to be inappropriate.

5. E-mails

We send reply e-mails to each individual customer to answer corresponding inquires. These e-mails are copyright of TSUKASA INDUSTRY and may not be copied onto other web pages or printings without prior notice. All or part of the e-mail contents should not be converted, secondarily used or used for unintended purpose without our approval.

6. Cookies

We may utilize cookies for the purpose of more comfortable operation on this site. Information stored in a cookie can be used to support your entering the input fields if you desire. A cookie that may be associated with your personal information is used only for the said purpose. If you do not want the cookie information to be used, specify the cookie setting to rejection on your browser. For setting on the browser, refer to the corresponding software manufacturer.
* Information itself stored in a cookie cannot identify the individual person.

7. Applicable Laws

Construe and application of our web site and the Terms and Conditions of Use are in accordance with Japanese laws. Related issues are exclusive jurisdiction of the Nagoya District Court.

8. Contact

Service desk for customers regarding use of this site

Planning Section, Corporate Planning Department, TSUKASA INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
E-mail: general@tsukasa-ind.co.jp