Merging "powders" into technologies, we will create new value that contribute to customers and society.

TSUKASA INDUSTRY, as a leading company of powder technologies, aims to provide new value for a wide range of markets from the food and medical markets that are a part of our daily lives to cutting-edge electronics and the rocket industry. Never satisfied with current conditions, we always address inexhaustible technical reformation. By offering multi-function powder devices that innovate production processes and by designing plants with artistic quality, we, together with customers, seek to create new value to open the way to the future.

Corporate Vision

Cutting-Edge Powder Technologies * Uncompromised Process Technologies = Creating New Values

The advantages of TSUKASA INDUSTRY comes from the integration of the advanced powder technologies, the creative engineers and the unrivaled technicians with sheet-metal and machining techniques. By firmly combining customer needs with the craftsmanship of TSUKASA INDUSTRY accumulated since its establishment, we promise to create new products and services that will be acceptable not only in Japan but all over the world. The corporate vision is a commitment to all stake holders, including customers, shareholders, and employees.