Dust Collecting Process

Achieved high efficiency in dust collection and  space-saving

This process separates powder and air on the material receiving side during pneumatic conveyance and collects scattering powder. In TSUKASA's dust collectors, space saving feature and high efficiency in dust collection are realized with elliptical retainer and envelope-type filter fabric (bug filter).

Dust Collector

A workplace that handles powder needs a dust collector in various scenes. We can offer products tailored to a wide variety of purposes, including the "Built-in Model" which can be incorporated into devices such as a tank, or a dust collector that functions as a receiver from pneumatic conveyance.

Product line-up

TSUKASA's dedication

Its filter can be easily replaced from the outside of the equipment without using any tools. It is easy to change filters, maintain, and clean, so you can always keep it hygienic.

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