Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We consider it our significant responsibility to properly handle and protect the information we handle in our occupation and can identify the person (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information"). Therefore the following basic policies are set forth to protect Personal Information.

1. Proper Use of Personal Information

The purpose for using Personal Information is specified as follows. We acquire Personal Information so far as the person agrees and handle it in accordance with the stated purpose.

  1. To provide business information about our product lines and services
  2. To administer questionnaire surveys for product planning/development or improvement of customer satisfaction
  3. To conduct business tasks including responses to customer inquiries and prompt implementation of services
  4. To correspond to decisions designated by law, and guidance and instructions of governmental authorities
  5. In the event we are consulted, to provide Personal Information to our group companies, distributors, affiliate companies, and suppliers if necessary for prompt and proper responses
  6. To provide information to contractors
  7. For other purposes that are clearly specified when the Personal Information is acquired

2. Nondisclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The acquired Personal Information will never be offered or disclosed to third parties unless the relevant person consents in advance or as required by law.

3. Safe Administration of Personal Informatio

In order to prevent the retained Personal Information from loss, falsification, and leakage, necessary security is ensured, improved, and corrected.

4. Education to Executives and Employees

Education and similar activities are conducted so that our executives and employees understand the importance of Personal Information and properly handle it.

5. Compliance with Laws, Rules, and Regulations Related to Personal Information

When handling Personal Information, we comply with laws, rules, and regulations related to Personal Information Protection.

6. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Activities

We continuously improve and progress with activities regarding the protection of Personal Information.

7. Contact

When the identified person makes inquires about their personal information, our customer service representative will properly respond.

Service desk for customers regarding the handling of Personal Information

Planning Section, Corporate Planning Department, TSUKASA INDUSTRY CO., LTD.