Company Overview

Company Philosophy

Management philosophy

By continuing to take on challenges, we will create value that exceeds customer expectations and contribute to the realization of a fulfilling and prosperous society.


It becomes a "brand" by manufacturing one product at a time.


Contribute to the development of customers by providing satisfaction and excitement to customers through one-to-one or original high-value-added manufacturing.

Management policy

Continue to challenge boldly.
Create high added value and realize high treatment accordingly.
Create both economic and social value.
Achieving high quality and winning high trust.
Pursue profits from a long-term perspective rather than short-term profits.
Support employees' earnest growth efforts.
We value individuality and diversity.
Maximize employee performance.
Emphasize fairness and always give priority to overall optimization.
Pursue both customer satisfaction and company profits.

Employee action guidelines

Always try new things without fear of failure.
Always learn and keep growing.
To always produce the best results, we act without fear of friction.
Demonstrate leadership.
Dedicate yourself to your role with the spirit of team first and get things done.
Keep communication close.
Do work that impresses customers and gain their trust.
Understand the significance and purpose of work, stick to results, and approach it with conviction and responsibility.
Be humble and ask others to teach you, and accept them obediently.
Have a sense of gratitude, respect, and consideration for others.
Protect the morality of society, have ethics, and act with high aspirations.
Greet thoroughly and be courteous.

Three great spirits

The spirit of cooperation and unity

It is the basis of corporate prosperity, and no matter how talented individuals may be, if they lack this spirit, they will become member of a disorderly crowd and will not be able to demonstrate their true potential.

Spirit of ingenuity and creativity

ngenuity and creativity create infinite possibilities for humankind. In order to constantly provide new ideas and continue to prosper as a company in the age of innovation, the spirit of ingenuity and creativity is essential.

Spirit of strength improvement

Complete strength improvement is the only way to accomplish our mission, and without this spirit we will not be able to achieve true peace or increase prosperity.