Company Overview

Contribution to the SDGs

What are the SDGs?

The SDGs are international goals adopted by the United Nations Summit in September 2015. Their aim is to achieve a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive society by 2030.
They consist of 17 goals and 169 targets for achieving a sustainable world, with a pledge to "leave no one behind." イメージ

TSUKASA's contribution to the SDGs

TSUKASA will continue to expand globally on the basis of its slogan, “POWER OF POWDER TECHNOLOGY." As it does so, it will aim to contribute to the achievement of the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Leave No One Behind" vision led by the United Nations. It will do this by conducting the following initiatives: イメージ

1. Initiatives through business activities

Contributing to the stable supply of food and pharmaceuticals and the provision of safe, hygienic work environments

By providing the food and pharmaceutical industries with high-quality products that meet food safety and health standards, we will aim to contribute indirectly to the stable supply of safe, hygienic foods and pharmaceuticals. By providing the same products to the chemical and other industries, we will also aim to contribute to the creation of safe, hygienic work environments. For example, we will work on reducing dust.

Providing high-quality products

We will aim to create products with added value, for example through designs that are space-saving, multifunctional, or easy for anyone to operate. In addition, we will offer high-quality products to ensure that they can be used safely and with peace of mind.

As a leading powder equipment company, we will continue to earnestly pursue the development of new products and technology for them.

2. Initiatives through working styles and the development of human resources

Aiming to achieve long-term, stable employment

We will operate a personnel system in which decisions about hiring, salary increases, and promotions are based on the abilities and skills of the individuals concerned, and are not influenced by their age, gender, or nationality.
Taking into consideration the health and safety of employees, we are conducting the following initiatives toward achieving long-term, stable employment:
Examples of initiatives
Reducing overtime through time management
Improving the rate of taking paid leave, for example by introducing birthday holidays
Eliminating all forms of harassment and respecting employees' human rights
Conducting health examinations and mental health checks once a year, and providing subsidies for influenza vaccinations
Introducing height-adjustable desks into all offices, in order to alleviate the health risks caused by sitting for too long
Banning smoking indoors (Smoking on-site allowed only in designated courtyards)

Supporting employees' growth

We encourage and support our employees to acquire qualifications they need for work in order to advance their careers, improve their skills, and acquire new ones. We also assist them with the cost of taking examinations for those qualifications. If employees acquire qualifications specified by our internal regulations, we provide them with a qualification allowance. This is also helping enhance motivation.

We also actively support employees' growth by encouraging them to participate in external training and courses.

3. Environmental initiatives

Taking measures to save energy

We are conducting energy-saving initiatives such as the following, and will continue to do so in the future:
Initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions
Mega solar power and solar power generation projects, the latter at the head office and head office plant
Switching to LEDs for 95% of the operational lighting fixtures in the head office and head office plant
Introducing environmentally-friendly vehicles (hybrid vehicles) to use as company vehicles
Environmental initiatives from business
Providing plants and equipment that are environmentally-friendly and energy-saving

Protecting limited green resources, and conducting initiatives to grow them

We will aim to reduce the use of paper resources by going paperless for the various kinds of application processes, and switching to digitized production drawings in plants.

We will endeavor to protect urban landscapes and the natural environment by planting large numbers of trees on our premises.
As part of our environmental activities, we regularly remove weeds and carry out clean-up activities in the areas around our company.