Storage Process

We propose optimal stock and discharge methods depending on the material and process.

This process stores received materials, processed intermediate products and regular products, in production processes.
TSUKASA's storage process equipment makes it possible to do stable continuous discharge of powder and maintains product quality.

Storage tank equipment


Small-size tanks of some hundred kilograms for indoor installation to large-size silos that receive a large amount of power from tanker trucks can be manufactured according to usage.

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TSUKASA's dedication

Well-designed TSUKASA's storage tank equipment adds beauty to the factory. Exterior cleaning is also easy. TSUKASA's dedication are packed in equipment design as well as functions.

Discharge equipment

This is discharge equipment installed under the silo. Depending on the purpose, we can also offer "Table Feeder" which prevents bridging problem and "PowDischarger" which can perform stable, continuous discharge using vibration.

Product line-up

TSUKASA's dedication

Too many connections on equipment may cause powder clamps. TSUKASA's discharge equipment reduced flange connections as much as possible to prevent powder clamps and protect product quality.

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