Traceability System

Achieve visualization in plants

This system tracks processes from product material reception to packaging, by linking with the production management system from material reception to weighing and filling. By adopting the system, it rationalizes management work in plants, improves workability, reduces manufacturing cost, and clarifies responsibility when a complaint regarding a product occurs.


With know-how nurtured in powder plants, TSUKASA designs and develops programs that links management software and production management systems.

Material container & weighing,
and discharging control panel

Main control panel

Output record example

Weighing/feeding/preparation management system

This system connects PCs, scales and barcodes and issues tags in the weighing/preparation/feeding processes, where manual work is involved, to prevent errors and deal with later checks.
In preparation work, it links with barcodes, decides whether feeding is possible or not, and allows registration of feeding history. This system can significantly shorten work hours and prevent errors.

Main system functions
  • Weighing and preparation in accordance with a recipe
  • Create picking lists
  • Verify material barcodes
  • Enter and check weighed values
  • Manage remaining amount in storage tanks
  • Instruction on weighing and feeding
  • Indicate a list of alarm logs
  • Equipment maintenance record
  • Remote control function
  • Manage various records (daily and monthly reports)
  • Build MES in collaboration with various plant information management modules

Warehousing and delivery / stock management system

With this system, you can always understand the status of in-company storage that increases or decreases due to warehousing and delivery, and smoothen processes including order placement, order receiving, stocktaking, etc.
Furthermore, with the simplified production management functions, you can manage information on received orders, plans to use materials, and order placement. It also has a product traceability function which controls lots from the material warehousing stage and provides real-time quality information regarding final products based on information collected from process management.

Step to introduce systems

From consulting and support after introducing systems, TSUKASA will be responsible in planning, building, introducing and operating our systems and provide on-target solutions from the perspective of and in conjunction with customers.

  1. Check customer requests
  2. Design equipment and control panels
  3. Lay out I/O equipment
  4. Create external connection diagrams
  5. Design control programs
  6. Design graphical panels
  7. Create time charts
  8. Design sequence circuits
  9. Coding
  10. Write orders
  11. Check and correct orders
  12. Check programs
  13. Change and correct programs
  14. Assemble
  15. Turn on circuits
  16. Trial operation and adjustment

TSUKASA's dedication

From the material receiving process to packaging/shipment process, we make full use of our know-how nurtured in every "powder plant" area and propose production management and control systems.

If you want to request or download detailed information, or consult with us about technologies or ask questions about our products, contact us from this page.