Crushing and Milling Process

We propose equipment optimal for purposes and materials.

This process roughly crushes large materials such as bread and biscuits (crushing) and makes powder diameters of materials (sugar, salt, etc.) small (pulverization). We can handle various purposes from ultra-fine pulverization (microns) to coarse crushing (millimeters).


Crushing equipment

We can offer crushing equipment which can handle crushing of various grain sizes and shapes by changing screens.

Product line-up

TSUKASA's dedication

We will respond to customers' detailed requirements by adding a wide variety of options, such as feeding into a belt conveyor and built-in dust collector.


We offer a wide variety of lineup depending on the material and purpose, including Line Mill, which can be installed in the pneumatic conveyance line, Wave Mill, which can perform highly accurate grinding, PowJet, which can handle fine pulverization.

Product line-up

TSUKASA's dedication

We receive a wide range of requests for grain diameters and powder properties. We answer customers' requests by preparing a large assortment of products which can pulverize materials in various ways.

If you want to request or download detailed information, or consult with us about technologies or ask questions about our products, contact us from this page.