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Change in specifications of switching valve to conform with CE (EU standard)

Valves and Piping parts

Change in specifications of switching valve to conform with CE (EU standard)

Type of Industry

Facility engineering company

Introduced Products

Two-way Valves (PowChange Simple CE-compliant)

Customer requests

To supply products that can be exported by changing the specifications of the current product

There is a high level of trust from customers who have been using TSUKASA products for years. A customer consulted us about expanding their sales channel to customers in the EU by changing the specifications of the current PowChange Simple (domestic specifications) and obtaining the CE mark.

Suggestions from TSUKASA

Forming a team to create product-unique specifications

In response to the customer's request, we gathered our staff from each department to form a team, and started to examine CE-compliant products based on the current product.

We also worked with a consulting company that has a lot of experience in CE-compliant products. TSUKASA presented the basic concepts outlined and received advice in return, and made changes to specifications which turned out to be a full-customization, including for safety, structure, and materials.

During the prototype phase, we have performed internal operational checks many times to ensure that the correct product is delivered at a time, and that the customer is able to launch the product in the shortest possible time.

Various application documents and instruction manuals have also been supervised the consulting company, and the CE mark was obtained and delivered successfully. At present, "PowChange Simple CE-Compliant" is used in several plants in the EU.

Main points of the specification change

Installing a safety cover on the cylinder drive

The CE mark requires safety performance that is higher than the standards in Japan. We installed a safety cover (dustproof structure) that completely covers the drive part of the cylinder, and incorporated a CE-certified magnet valve and sensor switch inside it. In addition to using CE-certified wiring and terminal blocks for the electrical system, we have also reviewed various other aspects, including guiding the exhaust from the magnet valve out of the cover and adopting a fall-proof screw on the cover lid.

TSUKASA's stance on special specifications

We are committed to responding to your needs

Responding to the CE requirement was a valuable experience in improving the safety and quality of TSUKASA's future products. We will continue to respond to customers' requests like "Can you do something like this?" and "We want to improve the current products this way", with product-unique specifications. In addition, we already have a track record of exports overseas to Asian countries such as China and the United States, and will continue to promote customized service to more countries in the future.