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Case Examples

Updated "old equipment used for many years," including those related to supplemental materials

Mixing Process

Updated “old equipment used for many years,” including those related to supplemental materials

Type of Industry

Processed food manufacturer

Introduced Products

PowMixer + Divider Scale Equipment-mounted Model (packer version)

Background and problem

Equipment handling the main materials is renewed, but those related to supplemental materials are often put off

The customer's processed food factory has not updated the equipment related to supplemental materials (seasonings and additives) for more than 10 years. In recent years, however, the awareness of food security and safety has increased, and care has become essential for sanitation and contamination in all processes, from receiving materials to shipping products.
In addition, the staff responsible for the supplemental materials also complained that "The processing machines for main materials are updated in two to three why not for supplemental materials?" and decided to consult with TSUKASA, "who handles a wide range of powder equipment."

Suggestions from TSUKASA

Visited the customer and offered a wide range of suggestions

We immediately visited the customer's factory and offered a wide range of suggestions for powder equipment.

Specific examples of suggestions

⚫︎Traditional process
After mixing the supplemental materials, such as salt and spice, a certain amount was taken out, transported to another location, and then manually divided and weighed in a container. In these operations, two people were required for the mixer and one dedicated staff for the weighing equipment.

⚫︎New process
By combining the "mixer + weighing equipment," in a unit, dividing and weighing can be carried out right after the mixing is complete. In addition, packing in bags after weighing is automated (packer version), so the series of operations can be done by one person.

Results of introduction

⚫︎Improved daily production capacity
Not only is it possible to carry out mixing of supplemental materials, dividing and weighing, and putting in bags by one person, but it also eliminated the process of transporting them to a different location for weighing purposes, which in turn increased the efficiency of the operation and improved the amount of products that can be produced per day.

⚫︎Increased the motivation of the person responsible
The staff responsible for the supplemental materials felt that "the company was very supportive not only in the main materials, but also in our operations," and the motivation of the entire factory was improved.

⚫︎Active company-wide proposal activities
Employees who have become more conscious of the working environment are now actively giving opinions on the next equipment update and efficiency.

More points under consideration

Point 1

Install a tank of the same capacity as the mixer between the mixer and the weighing equipment

The next mixing operation can be done while the weighing process continues, further improving efficiency

Point 2

Install a dedicated transport line up to the height of the material feeding port of the mixer

Materials can be fed from the floor level without the use of lifts or stairs

TSUKASA's stance on updating equipment

As a comprehensive manufacturer of powder equipment, we can make various proposals

As a comprehensive manufacturer of powder equipment that can "crush, store, carry, weigh, and mix," TSUKASA has delivered its products in a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical and electronics. We are also working on customization based on customer requests and thorough validation in our test lines. If your factory has become generally outdated, but you do not know what to start with, please feel free to contact us.