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Case Examples

Automated liquid addition in the mixer and facilitated easy washing

Mixing Process

Automated liquid addition in the mixer and facilitated easy washing

Type of Industry

Snack manufacturer

Introduced Products

PowMixer Conical & Vertical Model (with liquid addition device)

Customer requests

Automation of liquid addition and efficient maintenance

The customer's requests included eliminating the burden of manually loading water and oil into the main raw material flour. They were also having difficulties with cleaning and washing because the mixing material gets in from the bearings of the mixer. Also, since the mixing materials easily turn into semi-solid "balls", they were difficult to handle until the baking process. We were asked to resolve these issues.

Suggestions from TSUKASA

We have introduced a "PowMixer Conical & Vertical Model" that enables soft mixing of powder and liquid and an optional liquid addition device, and proposed automatic addition of water and oil.

Features of "PowMixer Conical & Vertical Model"

⚫︎Mixing powder and liquid softly
Special ribbon-shaped paddles form a unique mixing flow, allowing soft mixing of powder and liquid. With less lumps, the powder is sent to downstream processing as a "wet powder," in a condition that is easy to handle. It also reduces damage to the powder when mixing.

⚫︎The bearings do not come into contact with mixing materials
Because the shaft is suspended inside the mixer, there is no risk of powder or mixing materials entering the bearings (upper part of the mixer).

⚫︎Excellent discharge of residue
The base of the mixer is conical, which means it has high discharge efficiency and little residue inside the body. A sanitary flat valve is provided at the discharge port, so it is easy to disassemble and clean.

Results of introduction

⚫︎Automated liquid addition
The introduction of a liquid addition device enables automatic weighing and automatic loading, eliminating the traditional "manually pouring liquid over the powder." It also helped to reduce workloads and prevent back problems for staff.

⚫︎Fewer problems with the shaft
Because there is less risk of powder and mixing materials entering the bearings, the risk of contamination such as foreign materials has been greatly reduced. It also improved the problem of hygiene and the damage caused by the mixing materials sticking to the shaft.

⚫︎Minimal residue at the discharge port
Residue at the discharge port was decreased, greatly reducing maintenance work. We are also working on disassembly by hand without tools, and water-washing of parts and the inside of the body.
* Tools are required for some parts.