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Measures for particle scattering

We offer efficient dust collection methods

Do you find that particles are scattering when powder from paper bags is being fed into hoppers, or when materials are being divided and weighed?
Or is dust not being sucked up properly when it is being collected?
If the work area continues to be polluted with dust, costs related to the work environment and cleaning will increase.

Dust collection methods can be broadly divided into two categories: centralized dust collection and localized dust collection.

1 Centralized dust collection

A dust collection method by which a large filter is installed, and ducts, etc. are connected to the source of the particles.
As for problems with this method, an ample sized filter is required for synchronous dust collection. As a result, it operates in locations where dust collection is not required, and an excessive amount of power is needed, or causes an imbalance in dust collection for areas around the workplace, and efficiency is affected.
Furthermore, because the duct piping, etc. in each location is linked, cleaning the inside of the piping and making inspections is difficult.

2 Localized dust collection

A method by which the necessary sized dust collectors are installed in necessary locations, and are operated individually.
The number of dust collector units will increase, but they can be integrated with equipment or installed close by. Since they can stably collect dust and be operated in only the locations where they are required, a surplus of power is not needed.
In cases where a dust collector is integrated with equipment, the powder which is collected by the dust collector is returned to the equipment and in turn minimizes loss.

At TSUKASA, by considering the characteristics of installation locations, we offer efficient dust collection methods which include integration of dust collectors for equipment located in areas where dust is generated, and contribute to the improvement of work environments that handle food powders.