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To Achieve No Powder Scattering in the Plant

If raw materials are scattered around in a plant, it will have a negative impact on the people working there, the equipment and the entire production line. Therefore, we will introduce TSUKASA’s initiatives and the key points to prevent powder scattering.

When powder scatters in the plant, many troubles occur!

⚫︎Hygiene issues concerning food, etc.
⚫︎Concern about the health of workers
⚫︎Work hindrances such as slipping on the floor
⚫︎The hassle of cleaning up the scattered powder
⚫︎Loss of powder raw materials and disposal costs
⚫︎Powder clogging inside devices and operation ⚫︎abnormalities
⚫︎Problems with air conditioning

Example of countermeasures taken in TSUKASA’s equipment

⚫︎Dumping Server / FleconOpener
Each model has a built-in dust collector to strongly suppress powder scattering. Collected powder can be used as raw material.

Points regarding the occurrence of powder scattering

There are four points to keep in mind when it comes to preventing powder scattering.

◎ Powder scattering during feeding

When raw powder materials arrive at the plant and paper/plastic bags or flexible containers are opened to accept the raw materials, it is the point where powder is most likely to scatter.

Suggestions from TSUKASA

⚫︎Do not forget to carry out checks before a failure occurs
Be sure to check the cloth regularly and clean and replace it before any defects occur. If a serious problem occurs inside the equipment, line stoppages and product defects can also occur.

◎ Powder scattering during weighing

The possibility of powder scattering also increases when the raw material is divided into small portions, weighed, and placed into containers. Care must be taken both when weighing the powder in small portions and when putting the powder into containers after weighing.

Example of countermeasures taken in TSUKASA’s equipment

⚫︎Divider Scale Hybrid Model
The built-in dust collector suppresses both scattering at the time of powder feeding and scattering at the time of discharging into containers. Collected powder can be used as raw material.

◎ Powder leakage from inspection door

Forgetting to close the inspection door or not tightening the bolts properly can also cause dust scattering. In addition, care must be taken against wear and deterioration of the inspection door rubber seal.

Suggestions from TSUKASA

⚫︎Make sure you carry out daily inspections
After opening the inspection door and inspecting the inside of the equipment, check the tightness of the bolts and the condition of the rubber seal as well. It is important to make a habit of checking the inside of the machine and the inspection door as a sequence.

◎ Defective filter cloth of dust collector

If the filter cloth (filter part) of the dust collector is clogged or incorrectly installed, powder will leak out, causing damage to the inside of the equipment and scattering to the outside.