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TSUKASA Water-Washable Equipment Line-up

Since June 2021, hygiene control by HACCP has been completely mandatory for all food companies. In the field of powder equipment, people are raising their awareness towards daily maintenance, cleaning and washing each year. We are introducing TSUKASA's "Water-washable equipment" that can be cleaned regularly with safety and peace of mind using simple procedures.

TSUKASA's stance in relation to water-washing

⚫︎Promoting water-washing for a wide range of equipment
As a comprehensive manufacturer of powder equipment, we will make every effort to propose "water-washing equipment" for every process in your plant. We will continue to consider "How can we achieve water-washing for this equipment?" and "How can we provide it more cheaply?" for those products that cannot yet be water-washed, and will continue to increase the lineup of water-washable products.

⚫︎Enabling everyone to perform cleaning safely and easily
In addition to being water-washable, TSUKASA also emphasizes the ease of handling of the equipment. We will develop equipment that not only has special functions, but that can also be easily disassembled, water-washed and restored by anyone, and ensure safety during operations as well. These are the requirements for the development.

⚫︎Realizing predictive maintenance and automatic cleaning using the IoT
TSUKASA's "PowMaintenance" is a "predictive maintenance" service that installs sensors on every device in the plant and constantly monitors them at the monitoring center to detect signs of failure. For example, it could be used to determine the clogging status based on the differential pressure data of PowFilter, and to inform people of the timing for cleaning next or replacing parts.
In addition, we will also work on automatic cleaning, which is a function for "the equipment to clean itself".

Some TSUKASA water-washable equipment

●Material Receiving and Powder Feeding Process >

FleconOpener Stock Model
FleconOpener Compact Hopper Model
Dumping Server Conical Model
Dumping Server and LINESIFTER Integrated Model
Dumping Server Premixing Model
Dumping Server Hopper Model

●Weighing Process >

Divider Scale Receiver Model
Divider Scale Packer Specifications
Divider Scale Equipment-mounted Model
Divider Scale Dumping Model 300L
Divider Scale Simple
Divider Scale Combination Model *Under development
Divider Scale Terminal Detachable Model
PowScale Hopper Model

●Dust Collecting Process >

PowFilter Receiver Model
PowFilter Compact Model

●Crushing and Milling Process >

Line Mill®

●Handling Process >

PowRotor Light-weight Sanitary Specifications
Screw Feeder

●Valves and Piping Parts >

PowGate Flap Metal Touch

●Sifting and Foreign-material Removal Process >

LINESIFTER®(Standard Model/Receiver Model/Two sized classify Model)
PowSifter(Standard Model/Two sized classify Model)
PowMagnet(Inline Model/Inline Model Bar Type)
PowMagnet(Rotary Model/Gate Model)

⚫︎Storage Process >

Table Feeder

●Mixing Process >

PowMixer Conical & Horizontal Model
PowMixer Conical & Vertical Model
PowMixer Rotary Model Container Detachable System
PowMixer Cross-rotary Model
PowMixer Cross-rotary Model Laboratory Specifications
Batter Mixer