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Inside Pressure and Filter Cleaning

If the operation of the powder equipment is abnormal, it may be affected by the "pressure" inside the equipment or in the piping.

If these symptoms occur:

- The weight value does not become the set point in the weighing process (too heavy or too light).
- A powder leakage from the shaft occurs even right after the seal is replaced.
- Powder leakages from machines and piping connections have increased.
- The pressure in the piping for air transport quickly rises, and the machine stops because it detects the error.

In these cases, the filter in the “pressure release” may be clogged with powder.

What to do

Take out the filter and clean it in accordance with the operating manual.
It is difficult to judge if clogging is occurring visually, so it is important to clean it once anyway.

Put the filter back and see how the machine will run again.

If the condition does not improve, replace the filter with a new one.
It is recommended to change the filter regularly before a fault occurs (filters are consumables).

Daily maintenance

Carry out frequent checking of filters and regular cleaning.
Please check the filter differential pressure gauge and clean it regularly. If you are removing the filter (to avoid getting it wet) when washing the machine, it would be efficient to clean the filter at that time as well.

An automatic notification of the timing for carrying out cleaning is also available.
By changing the differential pressure gauge to the switch type, a signal will be emitted when the set value is exceeded. In addition, if you introduce TSUKASA's "PowMaintenance", remote monitoring systems utilizing the IoT will support the comprehensive and stable operation of the machine including its maintenance, not just cleaning it.
Clean the filter taken out with a vacuum cleaner or by blowing it out with an air gun.