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Maintenance of equipment

Risk management through periodic inspection and maintenance

Stable operation of equipment is crucial for stable production.
Equipment malfunctions are discovered when workers notice an abnormal sound or vibration. Workers who often use equipment know how it sounds and vibrates in normal operation, so they will notice differences and perform an inspection.

When malfunctions (abnormal sound or vibration, etc.) are discovered during production in this way, production must be paused and measures must be taken (e.g. inspection, repair, etc.) This will cause overtime or changes to production plans.
Furthermore, workers being late in noticing abnormalities of equipment may cause larger effects, including equipment failure and defective products being produced.

In order to prevent these problems and execute stable production plans, periodic inspections and maintenance are important.
We will introduce methods for determining the states of equipment used for production and executing risk management.

Necessary items for inspection

1.Create a list of the production equipment.
2.Create lists of things to inspect every day, every week, every month, every year, etc. on each piece of production equipment.
3.Perform a planned inspection in accordance with the lists, and select responsible persons.
4.Create lists of spare parts for each piece of production equipment.

There are still many other things to do, but as a first step, determine things based on the items indicated above.
Workers who use production equipment generally do not have sufficient knowledge on such equipment, so it is important to request manufacturers to do a periodic inspection.

Equipment often suffers from malfunctions after it is installed for the first time. Malfunctions decrease after a while under operation, and eventually operation becomes stable. After that, abnormalities tend to increase again over time.
However, with inspections and maintenance, you can prolong a period of stable operation.

What you can do besides conducting inspections

Equipment today has an enormous number of sensors which detect various things on behalf of humans, but there have been many cases where the sensors themselves have caused a failure and operation has stopped. We do not know when such unexpected events will happen. We recommend you prepare as many spare parts as possible.

The most essential element for stable operation of production equipment is to clean the equipment. Just cleaning the production equipment with care after production will reduce the incidence of malfunctions.
Every product of TSUKASA is manufactured with a focus on ease of cleaning. This is because we hope that you clean our equipment every day and use it for a long time with peace of mind.

We will offer support for stable production, including advice on periodic inspections/maintenance and the handling of equipment. If you have any questions on our equipment, feel free to contact us.