TSUKASA's Strengths

Product development using difficult-to-process materials

We are developing products with difficult-to-process materials that are used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic fields.

TSUKASA's powder equipment is used in a wide variety of production sites, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic products, and "higher added value" may be required depending on the characteristics of the powder being handled and the working environment. Therefore, in response to requests for "powder equipment better than conventional equipment," we are actively developing products using difficult-to-process materials.

High strength, high hardness, and light weight
Some TSUKASA products made of difficult-to-process materials

The fusion of "craftsmanship" and latest technologies.

TSUKASA's technologies originate from the thin sheet metal processing and sheet metal curving technologies used in aircraft manufacturing. The fusion of "craftsmanship" by the handworks of experienced technicians and the latest technologies is also indispensable in in-house processing of difficult-to-process materials.

To create even more value with our customers.

Manufacturing of products using difficult-to-process materials begins based on customer needs, such as "We want more strength in this part." In addition to the proposals for current equipment, TSUKASA is also focusing on "sharing values with customers" and working together to make use of difficult-to-process materials.

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