We will introduce answers to frequently asked questions about powder from customers.

What are the features of TSUKASA's equipment?

Most of our equipment has multiple functions in one unit, and feature compact and hybrid designs that can be easily installed. Every product is crafted with both leading-edge technologies, and techniques of precise sheet metal processing by experienced engineers' handwork. We can offer completely original specifications tailored to the customer's needs.

What is the Dacton series?

The Dacton series is the highly compatible series of light-weight assembly piping parts, with which you can select plenty of standardized parts for assembly.
They are designed precisely to minimize the inclusion of foreign substances, and are characterized by an ease of being able to construct piping in self-weight falling lines and duct piping without welding, simply by assembling and connecting them.

Do I need to have special skills regarding the Dacton series for processing connections?

If you cut the straight pipe into an appropriate length, you can easily process it by using the flaring jigs for the Dacton piping. You can perform flaring processes for connections, by setting it on a cutting surface of the straight pipe, adjusting the flaring dimension, and hitting it with a hammer.

We are considering pneumatic conveyance, what kind of equipment do we need?

You need various pieces equipment, including piping and connecting parts, sampling units and foreign material removal equipment.
TSUKASA conducts thorough hearings and verification to avoid reducing productivity by selecting inappropriate products and designing unsuitable lines, and selects equipment necessary for optimum powder conveyance.
First of all, let us know of the materials, physical properties of the materials, the spaces for placing equipment in your plant, necessary capacities, etc. in order to calculate the capacities based on necessary amount for your production line.

What is the automatic equipment that represent TSUKASA, and what are its features?

We can say automatic bag-opening equipment and weighing equipment are the products that represent TSUKASA.
Both pieces of equipment have precisely calculated structures to save labor, and each has the following features.
- Automatic bag-opening equipment: Bag-opening methods in compact equipment and with high collection ratio of materials
- Weighing equipment (Divider Scale series): It can select products based on applications, its automation can reduce personnel, and allow data management

Since we feed wheat flour into a mixer or hopper by hand, it is troublesome to clean scattered powder on the floor. We want to solve this problem.

When wheat flour scatters, it not only degrades the environment but also results in material loss or quality loss. Therefore, we recommended you feed the powder material while collecting dust in order to prevent scattering.
Many of TSUKASA's material reception equipment pieces have a built-in dust collector by default. If you use our Dumping Server Hopper Model, you can take measures against powder scattering without changing your existing work processes.

>> See the details of Dumping Server Hopper Model here

After I fed wheat flour in a paper bag into a mixer by hand, products were found contain paper in them.

We recommend you add sieving equipment and prevent foreign materials (paper) from entering products. It is very convenient to use pneumatic conveyance as you can separate work locations.
Using our Dumping Server and LINESIFTER Integrated Model — which can remove foreign materials during in-feed, and crush clumps of powder materials — will significantly reduce the burden on workers, such as inspections and cleaning.

>> See the details of Dumping Server and LINESIFTER Integrated Model here

Imported skimmed milk powder solidifies in paper bags and is difficult to handle, so it hardly melts even in a mixer, and makes the mixing time very long.

We recommend you pulverize (crush) it before feeding it in. Products that can be easily inspected, dissembled or cleaned, such as PowCutter or PowCrusher, are optimal for pulverizing agglomerate powder like skimmed milk powder. A clean area and polluted area can be properly separated by conducting pulverization process outside a mixer room.

We want to review weighing processes that take too much of the workforce, and shorten sieving work necessary before weighing.

We recommend our hybrid automatic weighing equipment, the Divider Scale series, which, after feeding in powder, automatically sieves it, removes magnetic foreign matters with magnets, and includes a built-in dust collector that prevents dust from scattering.
We also offer various products, including models optimal for dividing and weighing of secondary materials and additives, and models that can handle materials with poor fluidity.

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Can we conduct a test with actual equipment?

Yes, you can. TSUKASA offers a wide range of actual equipment used in various processes for testing, so customers can experience simulated processing tailored to customer needs and the environment. You can try checking the quality of the products you will actually be producing. Feel free to contact us if you are considering installing our equipment.