TSUKASA's Strengths

Suggestion that meets the needs

With the special viewpoint of a total powder engineering company, TSUKASA recognizes and analyzes the current problems and points to be improved, and makes proposals for streamlining. Even after equipment delivery, total support including operation instructions and manual preparation is provided. Certainly, after-sales maintenance is conducted by the surest system as well. Furthermore, TSUKASA has a showroom which is also a test area within in its own factory, where prior tests can be conducted using powders actually used by the customers.
In addition to promotion by individual actual equipment, we continue to fulfill the customers' needs by making proposals of powder plants for their future business development.


As a partner company to clear the customers' challenge together

TSUKASA sicerely considers the process to achieve customers' requirement. From the special viewpoint of a total powder engineering company, we recognize the current condition, comprehend the problems, and finally offer causal analysis and countermeasures. Responding customers' request directly and sppedy, we propose stremlining at the overall standpoint.


Most TSUKASA's products are custom-made. After thoroughly asking customers' requirements including characteristics of the powders to handle, necessary equipment and scale of the plant, vastly-experienced sales engineers are solving problems toghether with customers.

Planning & Design Technology

TSUKASA responds to customers' needs speedy and adequately.

TSUKASA conducts seamless communication regarding design intent among sales, design and production departments, which enables rapid proposal on customers' needs and remarkable reduction of design costs and lead time. The desirable capability to meet customers' needs is also the advantage of a total engineering company.


By promptly comprehending customer's needs including installation and cost conditions, we make prompt and adequate plans of structure specificaiton designs and layouts for establishment of new production lines as well as expansion and modification.

Manufacture & Management

We seek for ideal manufacturing up to infinity.

It is not only the cutting-edge machines that can create high-quality products that customers rely on. TSUKASA conducts manufacturing with top accuracy by handworks of experienced technicians.

Observing Commissioning

After repeated prototyping and trial and when the components are almost complete as a system, we actually install them in the customers' plant and conduct commissioning to verify perfomancce of each device and thoroughly confirm smooth operation of the entire plant. Fine adjustment and custom settings are implemented as required at the site to achieve the best performance.

Machining/Laser beam processing

The state-of-the-art machines including a multi-function large CNC lathe the enables precise forming and a world's largest laser machineare prepared for micron-order high accuracy. The high-tech machines and craftsmanship of masters are combined by TSUKASA's particular know-how to implement unrivaled manufacturing.

Assembling/Product Inspection

During assembly and inspection, TSUKASA places the largest reliance on masters' five senses. For especially demanding asembly, one technician works on one unit all the way through. The entire unit is assembled according to faint different of sound and feeling, and every part is thoroughly inspected. Thus the fabricated device is perfect as if it were an artwork worth being engraved with the initial of the fabricant.

Production Control

TSUKASA considers that production control should always drive for streamlining production processes and has a role to feed back the suggestion of on-site workers to the device designers. In this way, we aim at establishing a production system to deliver higher quality products at lower cost to customers.

Technology Development

We infinitize possibility of powders to contribute to the future society.

We always promote research and development in an offensive attitude, addressing application of biotechnology and hightech catalysts as well as adaptation of new powder materials with novel characteristics.


A dominant tower within the head office premise accommodates all kinds of TSUKASA's original powder devices to deal with trial fabrication and production outsourcing. It is fully equipped with the latest analytical instruments to obtain required data for customers, and used to achieve the best proposal on facilities. It is, so to speak, the symbol tower of TSUKASA INDUSTRY that enables proposal of total solution.

Test Area

The show room in the head office that is commonly used as the test area duplicates a large-scale food/chemical plant, and offers demonstration and experiments with actual equipment. Automation of powder process, automatic transfer between processes and control of the entire lines are verified by real operation.

Test equipment

TSUKASA researches wide variety of subjects including energy saving, hybrid devices, sanitary control, multi-functionalization, and cost reduction.
Advanced test equipment is prepared for each group and research staff address data collection and analysis. In addition, newly developed equipment is promptly carried to the test area for futher accumulation of know-hows.

New Factory

The concept of fusion of the factory and office, the new plant has been added as a hands-on training factory for employee training. By new employees to understand the product, to become familiar with the process and structure, we believe to be able to propose to our customers the services and products of higher quality.


In order to continue to be the best partner for our customers.

For customers' security and safety, qualified persons implement careful maintenance after delivery of equipment and systems. With a faith that absolutely no trouble shall arise at the site, we offer high-quality products to customers. Turning and other adjustment due to change of application are promptly served.


Total support is provided including operation instruction on system installation, manual documentation and preparation of the support desk. Certainly, after-sales maintenance is conducted by the surest system as well. Furthermore, system installation data of each customer is stored securely for rapid response to future addition and modification of functions.