Company Overview

Company Phirosophy


Based on the three points regarding "to master," we contribute to manufacturing in the world.

1. To master powder together with customers

With "materials (powders)" of customers that let us understand their business, not only do we propose the respective devices but also create and provide the true values that will bring new products and advantages.

2. To master materials

Our strong point is the ability to understand the needs of both "customers" and "powders." "Powders" in themselves can be products, and at the same time, they are the base of all manufacturing. As a pioneer in power technologies, we offer unique ideas, techniques, and know-how to contribute to product development that will create new value for customers.

3. To master processes

Adding a culture to process equipment, we pursue processes and systems that are superior in functions, aesthetics, and environmental conservation to establish customer convenience and pride. The basic concept is to optimize and maximally simplify the functions of each device unit and then maximize the integration. As the best business partner of customers, we convert the ideal into objects to deliver.

Numbers of greatly original powder devices enjoy a high reputation that only TSUKASA can accomplish the achievement, from various fields of customers in the world as well as in Japan.
Based on the three points regarding "to master," we guarantee that we wll continue to be of assistance in generating innovative products and services.

Meaning of Creating New Value

For example, to monitor food safety

Handling powder materials through food manufacturing processes is the primary factor to bring safety and relief. The TSUKASA HACCP Project and TSUKASA Hybrid Engineering investigate cleanness and washability in addition to the productivity of equipment and systems and enhance customers competitiveness and the reliability of their products. It is we, TSUKASA INDUSTRY, that addressed sanitary control of powder food first in the world, with the motto "Cannot be insanitary, will not cause any pollution, and is easy to clean if it gets dirty."

For example, utilization of engineering in our lives

You will be surprised that there are really many items on the shelves of convenience stores and supermarkets that have some relation to us. The equipment or plant we proposed generates revolutionary goods and brings smiles to the faces of many people who bought them. Wherever people live, making their lives wealthy and convenient is initiated by creating new value.

Our will is manufacturing that serves the world around us.

Slogan and Corporate message

"Power of powder technology" is our corporate slogan that represents TSUKASA's vision in few words.
It shows the sense of value which every employee in TSUKASA should share.
The corporate message "Power" involves the meaning to gather the wisdom of each employee.