TSUKASA's Strengths

Activities for food safety and hygiene

The concept that food safety is the first priority lies in and to every end of all products built up based on the TSUKASA standard of "Not easy to get dusty, and very easy to keep clean "Based on the "suitable and easy-to-wash design" requested by the GMP, TSUKASA will promote the basic concept "Cannot be insanitary, will not cause any pollution, and is easy to clean if it gets dirty" for devices and plants and will contribute to the innovation of powder systems for the future through "TSUKASA HACCP Project", "TSUKASA Hybrid POWDER SYSTEM", etc.

Contribution for health and safety of TSUKASA

In-process inspection is thoroughly conducted since our main customers are food and pharmaceutical industries. Safety and health are regarded as most important, and strict in-house inspection standards are in place to deliver high-quality and satisfactory products to customers. At shipment, dedicated personnel in charge of quality control conduct strict final inspection based on the in-house inspection standards from the functionality to the appearance. Products which are constructed based on the TSUKASA standards of "Not easy to get dusty, and very easy to keep clean" comply with the strict sanitary standards of various countries, and only those which satisfy the high quality standards regarding planning, design, manufacturing, and actual use are delivered to customers.
The rich know-how cultivated through accumulation of past achievements in a wide variety of fields provides highly reliable plants which precisely meet the themes demanded in the manufacturing sites of food and pharmaceutical powders. Furthermore, the products delivered to the customers correspond to HACCP and the management for safety and sanitation in food factories, and will support construction of customers' ideal food factory.

About food safety and health standards


The International Consolidated Standards for Inspection developed by AIB (America Institute of Baking) are standards for food safety and hygiene which are spreading among many food industries including baking/milling industry.
In recent years, they are widely applied as a way to "prevent and reduce contamination incidents", "promote changes in employees' awareness", "improve efficiency of self inspection", "fulfill customer satisfaction", "manage and trust the distributors and suppliers", etc.
TSUKASA will design, develop and manufacture powder equipment and plants, and will contribute to customer's reliable and safe food manufacturing.

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HACCP system is a system which predicts dangers in all processes from material arrival to manufacturing/shipping, identifies the critical control points to prevent the dangers, and monitors and records the points continuously. Since measures are taken immediately once errors are recognized, this system can prevent shipping of defective products.
Based on the "suitable and easy-to-wash design" requested by the GMP, TSUKASA started "TSUKASA HACCP Project" with the basic concept "Not easy to get dusty, and very easy to keep clean" for devices and plants. TSUKASA endeavors to manufacture products with designs and mechanical structures that check occurrence of contamination and are easy to clean or maintain.


Recently, the term GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) becomes familiar to food industry, FDA: quality management system of the Food and Drug etc. (Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration) has been developed, HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points: Hazard Analysis-important it is a program of the criteria is a prerequisite of the control point).
Its contents demand a close examination of the structure of manufacturing factories, operation and management of facilities, quality, sanitation and manufacture control of products.
To respond to the sanitary management etc. of facilities requested by the GMP and make facilities "suitable and easy-to-wash design", TSUKASA designs, develops and manufactures products with the basic concept "Not easy to get dusty, and very easy to keep clean" for devices and plants.

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