TSUKASA's Strengths

The attitude toward manufacturing

The fusion of "craftsmanship" and advanced technology

Fully using the advanced technologies originated from aircraft manufacturing, we propose plant designs that will completely change the production site.
TSUKASA conducts manufacturing with top accuracy by handworks of experienced technicians. So to speak, The joint work of "craftsmanship" and advanced technology is the great range of powder equipment that we supply.

Unique processing technology of TSUKASA

A basic technology when TSUKASA produces the powder equipments which are outstanding in the world.

The precision sheet metal technology that TSUKASA developed on the basis of aircraft manufacturing is featured, most of all, with excellence in "thinness" and "curved surface" processing. This technology is indispensable for producing equipment which is flexible enough to correspond to the delicacy of powders and process powders smoothly, and is easy to wash. This very technology is the basis of producing TSUKASA's powder equipment which is outstanding in the world.

Original products all tailored to user needs

All TSUKASA's products are customers' original specification.

By precisely comprehending customer's conditions regarding installation and cost, we, as a total powder engineering company, respond with prompt and adequate plans for establishment of new production lines as well as expansion and modification of devices and plants. All TSUKASA's products are customers' original specifications, and have potential for the customers' further development in the future.

Factory booth of each space dedicated to our customers'

Space that embodies the philosophy of TSUKASA called fusion of craftsmanship and advanced technology.

In TSUKASA's factory, there are no mass production lines such as belt conveyors. The staff at manufacturing department work in independent booths. These booths are for producing products that meet the respective needs of each customer, and are the space that embodies the philosophy of TSUKASA, called fusion of craftsmanship and advanced technology.