Weighing Process

Weighing equipment

Divider Scale Simple(DSC-S)

Automatic dividing/weighing equipment appropriate for measuring and dividing supplemental materials and additives


  • Subdivision weighing and filling device made up of Stock hopper, Screw Feeder and platform scale unit.
  • Appropriate for measuring and dividing supplemental material and additives.
  • Powdered yolk or other materials of low fluidity can be handled.
  • Easy to disassemble and water-washable.
  • Portable by casters (option).
  • Scattering particulates are controlled with the dust collector (option) and dust collecting hood (standard equipment) at the time of weighing/filling.
  • Loss-in Weight type is also available.


  • For subdivision weighing of food materials, pharmaceutical materials, additives, etc.
  • For weighing and filling of dry products/admixture products into packing container.

Model Scaling range(g) Minimum
DSC-S25 100~3000 1 ±1 500g/35sec.
DSC-S40 100~5000 1 ±2 1000g/20sec.
DSC-S50 1000~10000 1 ±10 5000g/25sec.
  • Above capacity is in the case of extra-strength flow, apparent specific gravity of 0.5.
  • Capacity may vary according to usage conditions