Weighing Process

Weighing equipment

Divider Scale Combination Model(DSC-S)

Automatic dividing/weighing equipment which can automatically weigh a wide variety of materials


  • The small hybrid automatic weighing device which collected the dumping device and an automatic weighing unit all together.
  • Appropriate for measuring and dividing supplemental material and additives.
  • Structured with Stock hopper, Screw Feeder, Container transfer conveyor, Load cell and Weighing/blending system.
  • Scattering particulates are controlled with the dust collector (option) and dust collecting hood (standard equipment) at the time of weighing/filling.
  • Triple, sextuple and nonuple Stock hoppers are standardized to meet various applications.
  • Powdered yolk or other materials of low fluidity can be handled.


  • For blending of materials of food products, chemical products, etc.
  • For blending food products, chemical products, etc.

Model Capacity Scaling range Minimum
DSC-S40-100-3 500g(1kind)
Total 1.5kg/69sec. 100g/1kind to 5kg
/all kinds sum total
1 ±2
DSC-S40-100-6 Total 3.0kg/138sec.
DSC-S40-100-9 Total 4.5k/207sec.

Above capacity is in the case of extra-strenght flow, apparent specific gravity of 0.5.
Capacity may vary according to usage connditions
Consult us about performance, weighing range, weighing accuracy and the number of combined hoppers.