Weighing Process

Weighing equipment

Divider Scale Receiver Model(DSC-RC)

Weighing equipment which stocks and automatically supplies materials conveyed with air

Table feeder Type(DSC-RC-TF)

Hopper Type(DSC-RC-HP)


  • Automatic dividing and subdivision weighing equipment with integrated sifter
  • Receiver storage tank has built-in dust collector and it supplies materials by pneumatic transportation.
  • Receiver storage tank capacity is optional (standard is 150 liter).
  • Receiver storage tank is selectable from table feeder Type and hopper Type.
  • While weighing, sifting and magnetic material removal operations are also carried out.
  • Built-in dust collector also collects dust generated during automatic weighing. Thus collected powder will be reused.
  • Rule of thumb for measurement is 2 to 20 kg and standard minimal scale is 0.02 kg.
  • Disassembly and cleaning are easy.


  • Option: Powfilter, receiver stock tank, stocking receiver, rotary knocker, etc.
  • Electrical capacity: Varies depending on specifications.
  • Air consumption: Varies depending on specifications.

Various function

  • Stock
  • Sifting
  • Magnet
  • Scale
  • Collecting dust at discharge port

Inside of Table feeder Type