Weighing Process

Control system

Divider Scale

Control system for easy and precise weighing via a touch panel



  • The control system is composed of a load-cell indicator, programmable controller,and touch panel,and data is displayed on the touch panel in real time there digital communication between the load-cell indicator and the programmable controller.
  • A full range of settings that include "maximum scale", "pre-quantitative weight2, "fall compensation weight", "measurement error-range weight", and the like can be made easily by anyone via the touch panel.
  • This system supports communication with load-cell indicators from all manufacturers.
  • Security settings can be made for password-restricted access to the various setting screens for the touch panel.*
  • Linking the touch panel and personal computer installed at different locations over a LAN enables the entry and administration of data to be conducted at any desired location.*
  • Mixing-plant recipe settings can be made via the touch panel.*
  • Synchronization with a traceability system(Powtrace) makes it possible to perform such operations and communication of recipes and production instructions, problem-history recording, and the like.*


Examples of Touch-panel Screens


Recipe selection

Weighing history