Mixing Process


PowMixer Rotary Model Container Detachable System (PM-W-CT-200)

Detachable containers can be used for mixing, transportation, and storage


  • Container for storage/transportation can be used directly as mixing container.
  • Makes container attachable and detachable on floor surface (Pit or lifting device is not required.)
  • Container is lifted from floor surface by built-in air cylinder when performing mixing.
  • Eliminates risks of loss and foreign material contamination that are caused by transfer of mixture.
  • Complete washing is easy to perform because of no driving section or shaft seal inside.
  • Capable of mixing without destructing particle shape.


  • For high quality powders such as pharmaceuticals and functional foods
  • For mixing fragile powders such as crystals and flakes
  • For premixing process of fragile-to-heat substances whose melt point and softening point are low.


  • Equipment in photo is 200L mixing vessel/100L intake.
  • Power: axis of rotation AC 200V 3.7kW 50/60Hz
  • Revolutions: 15 rpm (Adjustable by inverter)
  • With mixing-container-lifting-up mechanism by air cylinder

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