Mixing Process


PowMixer Cross-rotary Model(PM-CM)

Mixer with for dispersion and uniform mixing of small and very small quantities

Standard Specifications

  • This offers faster and more precise mixing than other rotating container models.
  • Little impact is applied to the material during rotation, so particulate shape is maintained with no destruction of the powder.
  • Ribs have been eliminated from the container interior, resolving issues with contamination when changing materials.
  • A cross-rotary mechanism is used, preventing separation during discharge and enabling complete collection in a short period of time.
  • This supports mixing for pharmaceuticals (GMP), cosmetics, foods, and other powder.

Chopper-equipped Specifications

  • This accomplishes distributing and uniformly mixing minute or small quantities, distributing and achieving uniform color-mixing for dyes and the like, cutting fibrous materials and uniformly mixing them with powders, and uniformly chopping and mixing moisture-absorbing cohesive powders. Even with highly adhesive powders, the unit demonstrates broad-range mixing by using a scraper is used.
  • The chopper is secured in place by a ferrule band, enabling it to be disassembly and cleaning of the chopper vanes.
  • Conventionally, devised the mixing of high precision to allow more, for the powder material with the characteristics that are difficult to container rotation type, it has been used for many purposes. We design the chopper according to the application.