Dust Collecting Process

Dust Collector

PowFilter Built-in Model(F)

Dust collectors which can be incorporated directly into equipment including tanks

*Standard model has no inspection port.


  • Used for apparatus, such as a tank, as direct inclusion and air omission inside of the equipment.
  • The inside of the equipment is made into negative pressure, and particulate scattering out of a machine is controlled.
  • The low-cost type which excluded the casing of the main body of a dust collector.

Features / Elliptical retainer

1.The installation area is about half of before.  It is compact and does not take a place.

2.Backwashing can blast off dust effectively due to the shape of the filter fabrics.

3.Backwashing jet causes shock waves between the adjacent filter fabrics, which leads to the distinguished removal function.

4.After backwashing, little dust adheres to the filter fabrics again and easy to fall to be removed.

5. Since every model uses the same retainer and a filter cloth, so can share the parts.

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