Testing Environments

Material Receiving / Powder Feeding Process

The functions of supplying and opening bags and disposing of empty bags (which are necessary for the process of opening bags and feeding powder) are built into one unit. We conduct testing of the functions.



Depalletizer robo


Advanced high quality of four axis servo control.
The low price design which excluded futility by functional serious consideration.
Easily operated robot running at high speed and releasing personnel from dangerous, dirty and hard works.
Rectangular-coordinate robot with regular and efficient movement within a given range makes very safe operation.
It is simple and an installation area is small.



It is compact size that is easy to choose the setting position and cleaning.
Easy empty bag handling by a patented auto-folding discharge system.
An internal structure is also very simple and cleaning and a maintenance are very easy for it.
Capacity:150〜180 bags/hour (In the case of a 25 kg flour bag)
Adaptable bags:paper bag, paper bag with plastic inner liner, etc.
Maximum weight of the bag:30kg
Adaptable bag dimentions:min.W350×L500×H100mm~max.W450×L800×H160mm.
Powder withdrawal rate:99.8〜99.9% (This ratio may be changed by each powder caracter.)